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What career Are Matches You?

Our Values

At FuelMaster our core values are based upon ethical integrity. We take pride in what we do and we work very hard to maintain the highest of standards to ensure that your visit to a FuelMaster location is worth a repeat visit.

Store Operations

You will find a FuelMaster location inviting, clean and friendly. We treat you as a guest and take it as a matter of responsibility to treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy. All FuelMaster personnel are committed to making your trip a very pleasant one.

Corporate Credo

The FuelMaster corporate team understands the choices you have and appreciates your visit.

It is our privilege, and our responsibility to serve you.

Our Credo is to give back to the communities that we work in. We support local programs and organizations in the spirit of giving.

College Graduates

We offer Management Training Programs for College Graduates who wish to pursue a career in the Petroleum Business. Our comprehensive training prepares you for taking on the responsibility of running a FuelMaster location efficiently. We promote within the company.


We have a special place in our hearts for Veterans and encourage them to become a member of our FuelMaster family.